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SEO-Bridge Introduction

Company Summary:
SEO Bridge will offer SEO service, SEO software, and SEO web platform for companies to access their SEO data from anywhere on the internet. It will be combined with a mobile version to the increase in the amount of mobile users around the world.

Company Purpose:
To provide a complete SEO product that offers the customer all the features that are needed to market a business online successfully.

Mission Statement:
Our mission is to become the most popular SEO service, SEO software, and SEO web platform in America by taking advantage of the fact that these technologies are still relatively new in this country. We will provide the most effective services to market businesses on the internet and offer a product that is suitable for the American market.

Vision Statement:
Our vision is to grow as a company to become the most widely used service in the USA and eventually China. We will start at home and plant to spread out to neighboring countries as the company grows.