It would be a bridge between you and your target market

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Our Ability and Characteristics

Through SEO Bridge, we will provide a user friendly and informational webpage that appeals to our target market. It will be optimized for use across all platforms including computer, tablet, and smart phones. By having an optimized and modern webpage, we will provide information and a means of initial contact to our customers

The ability and characteristics of SEO Bridge are the following:

©  SHANGHAISEO (Founder’s company) already has experience with marketing and SEO. It is one of the top leaders in the industry, and has a team of experts already in place to assist this startup. We have several years of experience working in the SEO marketplace and believe we can provide an all-encompassing service that meets our clients tailored needs. By having an all-encompassing service, we will be able to provide service to all different sizes of businesses. As a result, this allows our new company to have a larger potential market in the United States and China.

©  A team comprised of Americans and Chinese will prove to be very useful. We hope to utilize the hard working attitudes of the east with the ingenuity and out of the box thinking of our western team members. Our team is a quality mix of experience with youth and is open to challenging one another to ensure we make thought out and educated choices in regards to our business decisions.

©  Hundreds of successful cases on keyword rankings. Website operation, maintenance, management, and marketing. Our company has a wide network in the IT industry, regular contacts, links with rich resources, and a solid technical backing.

©  We have our own unique insight about keyword design, traffic analysis, B2B, and B2C e-commerce familiar with Toyota, General Motors, and other multinational network marketing concept and marketing strategies.

©  Familiar with operation of SEO tools to monitor site diagnosis, independent research and development TL – CMS (Content Management System). The function of SEO in the Search Engine is friendly in the domestic leading level.

©  Proficient in Google, Yahoo, Baidu, and other search engines; also natural ranking and PPC rankings rules, on the web crawler, spider program, and document information extraction of an expand study.